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Subject:CBS News tonight (US)
Time:09:59 am
Well, my husband has just told me something very interesting. At the end of the CBS News these days, they have a segment called Free Speech. And tonight's (Friday) Free Speech will be a woman who, apparently, is going to be telling people to lay off her for not breastfeeding.

As hubs said: "I thought...oh, E's going to have a field day with HER!"

/shields ON

xposted up the wazoo
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Subject:Weaning Advice?
Time:09:35 pm
I never thought I'd be asking for help in this arena, but I'm getting a little frustrated with Lily (almost 2) and her nursing habits. Instead of getting less attached to my boobs, she's more attached. I made a rule in my head that she's only going to nurse in the house once she turns 2 in March. She goes totally nuts when I don't open my shirt right away for her. I can't just cuddle her without her demanding my boob.

We've always nursed on demand, so it's not like I can follow the "traditional" advice of just cutting down one feeding at a time. There are days where she won't nurse from morning waking until night time, but there are other days where it's NON-stop.

I understand that she's too young to fully understand "No B outside the house" just yet...do you all think that's a good way to start? I don't care if she nurses to sleep for the next year or more, it's just the constant demanding and lazy nursing all day long that's getting on my last nerve.

Note: she'll drink out of a cup, straw, etc...it's not a matter of nutrition for her. She eats EVERYTHING. It's more of a comfort thing for her.

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Subject:You know that feeling...
Time:07:30 pm
...when for some reason your baby hasn't nursed for a longer-than-usual time, and your breast is really hot and hard and heavy and full?

And then they nurse?

Ahhh...that's a good feeling. :)
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Time:11:40 am
Online stores for nursing clothing? Any suggestions?

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Subject:oh boy
Time:09:01 pm
Have at it, ladies.
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Time:07:34 pm
Thanks for the replies on the depo shot situation.  My doctor has prescribed an antibiotic, and then if I'm still bleeding on Friday he said he would prescribe some sort of progestrone only pill beginning with an N...
I'm not sure how that will work exactly, as I thought that's all that depo was, I'm willing to give it ago rather than have a combined pill.

I'm in two minds whether to continue with this method of contraception now, when I was on it before I had children I didn't have any bleeding, in fact it stopped the period that I had started the day I had my first shot in it's tracks and I didn't bleed again until a year and a half later when I'd been off it for 6 months.  I'm *hopeless* at taking the pill, and IUD's and implants don't appeal so that doesn't leave me with many options really.
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Time:01:25 pm
What effect does the combined contraceptive pill actually have on breastfeeding?  I'm seeing my doctor this afternoon as I've been bleeding for almost 3 weeks straight after having the depo shot almost 4 weeks ago.  I was sent for an ultrasound on Friday so there's nothing else causing it (no placenta left or anything) and I've heard that the solution to stop the bleeding can be prescribing the pill.  Since I'm breastfeeding (Abby is 9 weeks old) I want to be armed with information to either refuse this route or at least know what the effects are, is it just a case of it could reduce my milk supply?  If that's the case, then just taking it for a few days shouldn't hurt too much should it, especially if I start taking Fenugreek and possibly pump?

*sigh*  The whole reason I took the stupid shot was to *not* have periods, as was the case for me before I had children...

x-posted (apologies to those who see this more than once)
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Subject:What do you love about BF?
Time:10:32 pm
I was thinking today about how different my experience BF Walter has been so far, as compared to Gus. Gus and I had a *lot* of struggles - the usual kinds, but hard for us. Cracked and bleeding nipples and extreme breast pain (even my LC was baffled). It got less painful after about 6 weeks, but man, those first six weeks with Gus were AGONY! I've had none of that with Walter! Also, Gus was really very pragmatic about nursing, he liked to eat and ate very quickly (due to my OAL), but he wasn't much of a snuggler. So far, Walter is also a fast nurser, but he's quite cuddly and I'm really loving nursing this time around.

1. I love that Walter gets SO excited sometimes when we get into nursing positon - he knows what's coming and is just thrilled about it!
2. I love the convenience, of not having to worry about bottles and what I'm going to feed him when we're out.
3. I love that he's growing like a weed, and it's all "mama's milk."
4. I love that he nurses lying down in his sleep, so we all snooze together.
5. I love that when we're nursing, I get to take a moment and focus purely on him. Having an big brother who's just 20 months older means Walter doesn't get a huge amount of undivided attention. But when we're nursing, I can just snuggle in and really be with him. I think that's what I love the most.

So, what do you love about BF?
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Subject:Antidepressant survey
Time:09:08 pm
The doctor who wrote Medications and Mothers' Milk, Thomas Hale, has a survey about antidepressants up at his website. It's relatively quick to answer and I think we'd all agree that the information gained will be valuable. If you are interested you can find it here.
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Subject:as posted to MKP (but sadly ignored...)
Time:07:25 am
This may seem a bizarre question, but I'm curious -
with a 7.5 mo old breastfed infant, previously exclusively BF but eating
solids quite well since 6 mos (started solids at 5 mos), and now nursing
frequently when mom is around, but handling time away ok without EBM or
nursing... how long would you "let" her go without at least offering some

Here's the reason I ask:

Lilah does great when I'm away at work Saturday mornings and Friday
evenings. Saturday I'm gone about 8 am to 1 pm, and sometimes when I get
back she isn't even that interested in nursing (of course she's usually
just finished having lunch and sometimes is full from that, or sometimes
is tired and wants a nap and will take two or three sucks and drop off).

We have an upcoming dinner party invitation. The shindig starts at 6 pm,
and is literally about a 2 minute drive from home (4 minutes with traffic
:)). My parents will be watching the baby. My mom is insistent that I
"leave her a bottle," and I'm thinking "well, she hasn't had a bottle
since she was about 5.5 mos old...maybe just a sippy cup...but, hey, maybe
she doesn't need anything!" :) I mean, not that it would hurt to leave the
EBM - in fact, there WILL be EBM here, because I have probably 10 oz or so
frozen in my freezer and I certainly don't plan to use it before then. The
question is - should I tell my mom I don't expect L to need it, and to
only use it if she seems to need it at bedtime (or any other time she
seems to really need it), or should I tell her to go ahead and give it
either way if we aren't home by 10 pm and the baby is up, or...??

Just curious about people's thoughts on the matter.

BTW when I am home with her in the evening, her pattern is highly
variable. Some nights she nurses around 7 pm, nods off for 2 hours, nurses
again, then sleeps til midnight-1 am; some nights she eats dinner around 5
pm and nods off without nursing around 6:30, waking again at maybe 9,
nursing, and going back to sleep. She does usually have one good evening
nursing session... but, I'm not convinced she really would "need" it. I'm
reasonably sure she could be put back to bed without if IF I WERE AWAY :)

I'm probably overthinking this. The fact is my mom will probably ignore
what I say and give EBM no matter what :). But I do enjoy having that
stash there "for emergencies." You know, like, if I go out to get the mail
and get hit by a rogue school bus... :)
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